How to present your Study plan

The study plan is mandatory for all students in the 1st Year

Submission: from October to December 2022


A.Y. 2021-22

  1. Download the form: PdS Mechatronics 2021-22  (updated 23/11/2021)
  2. Choose your Study plan based on your Bachelor’s Degree
    • S – Systems (Engineering Sciences or Mechatronics
    • M – Mechanics
    • E – Electronics
    • I – Individual (other cases)
  3. Fill in the form digitally, in the editable fields, select the exams suggested for the different curricula, writing your BA;

  4. Fill in the number of credits in the column “TO TAKE” for your future exams or “ALREADY TAKEN” for passed exams (if you submit a study plan in the 2nd year);
  5. You have the possibility to “TAKE IN ADVANCE” exams of the 2nd year, writing “1” near the subjects of the 2nd year;
  6. Send your study plan signed to Office), following these rules:
    • SUBJECT line: Pds2021MECHA
    • FILENAME Study plan:  PDS2021-Mechatronics-SURNAME-Name-matricola
    • FILENAME Transcript of Records: TOR-PDS2021-Mechatronics-SURNAME-Name-matricola


  • It is not necessary to request the postponement of any exam. You can also ask to take it in advance writing “1” near the exam.
  • Remind to attach your bachelor’s degree transcript (T.o.R.), for the best choice of your Optional Courses;
  • Wait for the approval by email or MS teams
  • Ask to join the channel of MS TEAMS STUDENTS STUDENTS 1st Year 2021-22 Mechatronics

For any issue in this regard, contact us: