Study Plan A.Y. 2023-24

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  • The Study Plan is mandatory for the university career of each student;
  • It has to be submitted at the beginning of the 1st Year, from October to December, before the winter session exam;
  • Students enrolled in delay or coming from other Universities can submit their Study plan out of this time by contacting the Didactic Office (Simona Ranieri);
  • This Master’s is organized into different blocks blocks according to the bachelor’s degree;
  • The first action you must perform is to recognize which block you must belong to. If your BA does not match the BA reported in each block, write to the coordinator, Prof Cristiano Verrelli, by attaching the list of your exams in your BA course.

  • Download and rename the file: PDS23-24-MECHA_SURNAME-Name-ID.pdf;
  • Use Adobe Acrobat to compile the study plan without overwriting the fields with other editors;
  • For all the study plans, blocks B and C must be selected the choice for the optional courses;
  • The total of credits in your study plan must be 120;
  • The study plan must be signed. (DO NOT BLOCK IT AFTER YOUR SIGNATURE);
  • Send your study plan to with this subject line: Pds2023-24mecha