How to present your Study plan

The study plan is mandatory for all students of the 1st Year

Submission: from October to 23, December 2020

  1. Download the form: PdS-Mechatronics-2020-21 b (updated 4/11/2020)
  2. Fill out the form, following these rules to submit your Study Plan:
    • Choose your Study plan based on your Bachelor degree:

S = Systems (Engineering Sciences or Mechatronics)

M = Mechanics

E = Electronics

I = Individual (other cases)

  • Download the pdf and fill in the form by computer and send it to with file-name and subject “PDS2020-Mechatronics-SURNAME-Name-matricola.pdf“.
  • Wait for the approval by email, print and bring a copy to the Didactic Office (Simona Ranieri) – (during the covid-19: send a signed copy by email)

For any problem contact the Didactic Office (

How to choose your Optional Courses

How to change your study plan

  • Submit a request to Prof. Gian Carlo CARDARILLI <> and with the object
    Request to change the study plan – Mechatronics“,
    with a good motivation, specifying the subject to leave and the new one to add.
  • Remind to attach a copy of the last approved study plan (ask for it to the Student Secretariat of Engineering).
  • Ask to join the channel of MS TEAMS STUDENTS 1st Year 2020-21 Mechatronics

The coordinator will evaluate your request and the Didactic Office will give you an answer soon.