Scholarships – Opportunity

7.9    – Scholarships – Opportunity (from the Student guide 2017-2018)

Scholarships Laziodisu

The Laziodisu scholarship, awarded based on a competition, intend to cover the costs of continuing to study at the University.

The total amounts updated annually and vary according to the income bracket and the qualification of “student at home”, “commuter” and “off-site”.

For more information, please visit:

LAZIODISU (scholarships)


Other scholarships and study awards

You will find the site where you can see the list of scholarships and study awards:


Student collaboration activities

Granting student co-ordination assignments in activities related to the services rendered by the University, excluding those relating to teaching activities, the conduct of profit examinations, the assumption of administrative responsibilities, with presumably 150 hours of work. Students regularly enrolled in the courses can participate in the collaborations.

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Erasmus plus

The international mobility of students of all levels is covered under Erasmus + the European Program for Education, Training, Youth and Sport 2014-2020, in force since 1 January 2014, which integrates and replaces EU programs of the programming for 2007-2013. If you are interested in Erasmus + mobility and active projects, please visit:

To learn more about the administrative procedures of the Program, you can write to the Erasmus + University Office .

o      Via Orazio Raimondo 18 – 00173 Roma, Rettorato, Piano Terra

o      Orari: lun, mer, ven 9.00 – 12.00 / mer 14.30-16.00


For news on partner universities and exams to be supported abroad through Erasmus Mobility +, you can contact the Erasmus + International Mobility Offices / Faculties / Macroaree International Mobility:


·  School of ECONOMICS, Tel. 0672595752

·  School of LAW Tel. 06 7259 2355

·  Macroarea OF LETTERS AND PHILOSOPHY Tel. 06 7259 5186

·  Macroarea of ENGINEERING         Tel. 06 7259 7256

·  School of MEDICINE E SURGEY Tel. 06 7259 6376,  Tel. 06 7259


·  Macroarea of SCIENCES MM.FF.NN. Tel. 06 7259 4471




Enrollment of internships and internships – not constituting an employee relationship – is planned at companies or public bodies for graduates, graduates, attending Master’s degrees, Research PhDs, and College Specialization Schools to gain professional experience and get acquainted with the job world and enrich your curriculum vitae. The activation of the internship is done through a convention between the University and the host company and the subscription of a training project.Sul sito dell’Ateneo, alla pagina:

There is a “Stage Activation Procedure at Companies / Entities”, where all the information on the activation of administrative procedures is available, in addition to the Forms of Formation and Formation Project to be completed by the Company / Entity and to send all ‘Stage Office, by e-mail.

Via O. Raimondo, 18 – 00173 Roma VI piano stanze 650 – 601;

Tel_ 06 72592653 / 3066 Fax_ 06 72593066

Time: martedì e giovedì, ore 10.00-12.00 e ore 14.30-15.30