Methods of Payment

 a.    1st Installment

The first installment, for all students except for exemptions, is as follows:

  1. Stamp provided by applicable law: € 16.
  2. Regional Law for “Diritto allo Studio”: established by the Lazio Region € 140.
  3. University contribution that varies according to the type of taxation as follows:
  • Ordinary Tax: €0
  • Intermediate Tax: € 200
  • Maximum Tax: € 332

Example of calculation of the first installment:

Type Taxation (currency €)
Ordinary Intermediate Maximum
Stamp 16 16 16
Regional Tax 140 140 140
University Contribution 0 200 332
Amount 1 ^ installment 156 356 488

· Expiry of the first installment:

For 1st year registrations, the first installment must be paid at the same time of the registration procedure as specified in the announcements / notices of the individual courses, or, where not foreseen, by 6 November 2017. For subscriptions to subsequent years, the first installment must be paid by 6 November 2017. The first installment payment note is issued by the Delphi information system in the area reserved for enrollment or enrollment in subsequent years.

· Payment for delay:

For non–payment within the terms will be charged on the next bollettin, a penality of:

  • € 50,00 for payment by 31 of December 2017
  • € 100,00 for payment over  31 December 2017 until the 30 of March 2018

b.      2nd Installment

The amount of the second installment is based on the contribution class of the study course, with a different type of taxation (ordinary, intermediate or maximum) and on the Family income (ISEE-University)


  1. Link to the website Delphi:
  2. Select STUDENT SECTION, key 4
  4. Go to the section “PAYMENT OF TUITION AND CONTRIBUTIONS” and select “Invoice Status (Situazione Bollettini)”
  5. Print and Pay the bollettin at “Agenzia UniCredit”. The receipt has a confirmation code (AUTH). It is also possible to pay online at this link: or from here Unicredit websit: mobile/altri-servizi/tasse-universitarie.html
  6. “Università degli Studi di Roma TorVergata” >
  7. Validate the payment on Delphi on “Servizi on-line” filling in the codes CTRL e AUTH that you can find on the receipt of the Banca.

Expiry of the second installment

The 2nd installment can be pay in two payment methods:

a. in two solution (system default) 

  • 50% to pay by 30 of March 2018
  • 50% to pay by 1 of June 2018

b. in one solution by 30 March 2018

select option  “payment in one solution” or the amount of the 2nd installment is less then  € 300,00

· Payment for delay: the student will be charged on the next bollettin a penality of:

  1. € 50,00 for payment within 1 month from the deadline;
  2. € 100,00 for payment over 1 month from the deadline;

Method of payment

 Taxes and university fees can be paid at any Unicredit Agency throughout Italy.

Pay the contribution due to any UniCredit Agency. The receipt has a confirmation code (AUTH). It is also possible to pay online at this link: or from here Unicredit websit:  mobile/altri-servizi/tasse-universitarie.html.