Fill in your Study Plan

by the 20th of December 2018

Download PdS Mechatronics 2018-19_new and fill in the form, following these rules:

  1. Choose your Study plan based on your degree:
    • S = System (Engineering Sciences)
    • M = Mechanics
    • E = Electronics
    • I = Individual
  2. Send the filled form to with the subject “PDS-draft Mechatronics“.
  3. Wait for approval.
  4. Modify the form according to the notes.
  5. Print, sign, scan and send the .pdf again with the subject “PDS-approved – Mechatronics“.
  6. Bring a copy to the Didactic Office (Simona Ranieri).
  7. If you need a copy please contact the “Student Office” at the Didactic builduing.

Suggestions for optional courses:

As a first choise students can insert subjects belonging the other curricula (System, Mechanics, Electronics).

In addition, the following subjects from the MS in “ICT and Internet Ingeneering” are suggested:

Digital Signal Processing

Digital communications

Networking and internet protocols (new name from 2019-20: Internet Technology and Protocols 1st semester) 6-9 CFU

from the MS in Mechanics:

Advanced Structural Mechanics (for students with skills in Machine Design)