Study plan for students coming from Bachelor of MECHANICS

Study Plan for students with a Bachelor in MECHANICS


1st Year
1 sem Innovative Materials with Laboratory 6 ING-IND/21
Digital Electronics 9 ING-IND/01
Power Electronics and Electrical Drives 9 ING-INF/01
Robot Mechanics 9 ING-INF/13
2 sem Internal Combustion Engines 9 ING-IND/08
Feedback control systems 9 ING-INF/04
Analogue Electronics 9 ING-INF/01
CFU 60
2nd Year
1 sem Electronics of IoT and embedded systems 12 ING-INF/01
Electronic Devices and Sensors 9 ING-INF/01
Control of Industrial Systems 9 ING-INF/04
2 sem optional course 6
optional course 6
Internship 6
Final Exam 12
CFU 60
CFU Tot. Curriculum 120