“Master Degree in Mechatronics Engineering”

“Tor Vergata University of Rome” offers a Master’s Science in “Mechatronics Engineering” that combines electronics, mechatronics, control theory, and robotics. This Degree course merges fundamental elements of science, technology, and business to prepare second-level graduates for a wide range of jobs in the mechatronics industry.

It offers core graduates courses taught by search faculty members alongside elective courses taught by prominent experts in their fields in all areas of Mechatronics.

The training activity includes lab activities that allow students to gain valuable hands-on experience and opportunities to build personal and professional networks. Students will also develop specific experiences in industrial labs.

The choice of the study plan is based on the Bachelor’s degree.

  • Course Type: Master’s Degree (120 CFU) LM-29
  • Course name: Mechatronics Engineering
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Macroarea: Engineering
  • Department: Electronic Engineering
  • Course code: T20
  • Access type: Open with curricular requirements
  • Admission: For admission to the Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering, prospective students must have one of the following Bachelor’s Degrees:

Engineering Sciences

Mechatronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Mechanics Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Other degrees will be evaluated.

  • Professions:
    • Electronic Engineers – ( ISTAT
    • Computer design engineers and their peripherals – ( ISTAT
  • Contribution class 2:
    • Ordinary taxation: From 0 Euros to a maximum of 3,100 Euros
    • Superior taxation: From 200 Euros to a maximum of 3,448 Euros
    • Maximum taxation: From 500 Euros to a maximum of 3,895 Euros