Awarding of n. 2 grants for tutoring and teaching-integrative activities

SELEZIONE PER il conferimento di n. 2 assegni per attività di tutorato e didattico-integrative propedeutiche e di recupero DA DESTINARE A studenti del Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Mechatronics Engineering e del Corso di Dottorato in Ingegneria Elettronica dell’Università degli Studi Roma “Tor Vergata”

Bando_tutorato_Mechatronics 2022

DEADLINE: 03/10/2022

Students from “Engineering Sciences” at Tor Vergata

To all Students from “Engineering Sciences” at Tor Vergata, interested in enrolling in the “Master of Mechatronics Engineering” (A.Y. 2022-23)

in order to apply for Mechatronics Engineering A.Y. 2022-23, I remind you of these 2 application windows:
  • I additional window: 18th of July 2022 – 5th of September 2022. Response by 19th of September 2022.

(you can also apply if you have to graduate in the October 2022 session)

  • II additional window: 1st of February 2023 – 28th of February 2023. Response by 14th of March 2023.
NOTE: You need one letter of reference from your thesis supervisor and an old English certification.

CALL for DiscoLAZIO 2021/2022

Dear Students, what follows is the Call for applications for the assignment of scholarships, accommodations, dining services, contributions for international mobility, and graduation awards for the academic year 2021-2022. As every year, it is the aim of the Lazio Region, through the activities of DiSCo, to safeguard the right to education as fully as possible; it is, therefore, the intention of this Administration to make other tools available to you during the academic year, such as the allocation of book vouchers, rent contributions, or discounts for the public transport.

Call for Applications – Right to Education 2021/2022

(deadline 28/07/2021)

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The regulations relating to payments to the Public Administration oblige the Public Administrations, including Universities, to receive the relevant payments through the system called PagoPA promoted by the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID) of the Prime Minister’s Office. The PagoPA payment notice can be paid through various channels (credit card, bank branches, tobacconists, etc.).

link to: L’Ateneo e il sistema PagoPA

News for Students

News for Students

Given the continuing of the epidemiological state of emergency due to the Covid-19, the Rector has decreed what follows.

D.R. 629 25 Marzo 2020:

(Artt. 1,2,3,4,5)

Graduation Sessions

Graduation sessions for all the programmes at the Tor Vergata University of Rome will only take place using distance learning platforms.

Final thesis commissions will be made of at least three members, including the session President. The graduating student will be asked to show the Commission a valid ID and at the end of the dissertation, upon positive completion, the President will declare the student graduated, mentioning the final mark.

Each School will set an extra graduation session between 10th and 15th June 2020. All the students have submitted the Precautionary Application (Domanda Cautelativa) and the Graduation Request (Domanda di Laurea) within 30 days before the day set for the session, will be admitted to it.

Students who have already submitted their Graduation Request for March, April, and May 2020 sessions, and who have communicated the impossibility of taking the Final Exam, will be attending for the extraordinary session of June 2020, without paying any additional tax for the Academic Year 2019-20.

(Art. 6)

Tuition Fee Payment

The deadline for the second installment payment has been deferred to 10th June 2020, for both the tuition fees that were to be paid within 31st March and 29th May 2020.

ISEE Submission for MSc/MA students

For MSc/MA students enrolled in the first year of their programme after 1st March, the ISEE submission deadline has been postponed to 30th May 2020.

Coronavirus: Online Lessons

Coronavirus: Online Lessons
SUBJECT TEACHER lesson start Teams, Skype, Zoom audio, video, slide, blackboard/graphic tablet, other
ANALOGUE ELECTRONICS Rocco Giofrè 09/03/20 MS TEAMS audio with shared slides and virtual whiteboard for practical exercises
CONTROL OF ELECTRICAL MACHINES Verrelli Cristiano Maria 16/03/20 MS TEAMS Written version of the lecture, including a set of solved exercises and a list of activities.
FEEDBACK CONTROL SYSTEMS Verrelli Cristiano Maria 17/03/20 MS TEAMS A written version of the lecture, including a set of solved exercises and a list of activities.
INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES Cordiner Stefano 03/11/20 MS TEAMS audio with shared slide and virtual whiteboard
INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES Bartolucci Lorenzo 03/11/20 MS TEAMS audio with shared slide and virtual whiteboard
MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS FOR MECHATRONICS Mencattini Arianna 09/03/20 skype + MS TEAMS shared word notes and/or Matlab screen shared with interactive drawing via touch screen
MECHANICS OF MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES Micheletti Andrea 16/03/20 MS TEAMS video and audio with shared slides and whiteboard
MECHANICS OF MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES Artioli Edoardo 17/03/20 MS TEAMS audio with shared slides
NANOTECHNOLOGY Matteocci Fabio 17/03/20 Skype audio with shared slides and virtual whiteboard for practical exercises
THERMODYNAMICS AND HEAT TRANSFER Paolo Coppa 17/03/20 MS TEAMS + Screenpresso audio, video for graphics tablet
VLSI CIRCUIT AND SYSTEM DESIGN Marco Re 23/03/20 MS TEAMS Audio, video, tablet