Winter Session 2021 – 18/01/2021 – 27/02/2021

Yearsem.EXAMSCFUTeachers1st session2nd sessionplatformexamination procedure
1IInnovative Materials with Laboratory1+1+4Maria Elisa Tata (1CFU) / Girolamo Costanza (1CFU)/ Alessandra Varone (RDB) (4CFU)
1IKinematics & dynamics of mechanism9Marco Ceccarelli (ES)15 & 22 january 7 Februaryteamswritten
1IRobot Mechanics9Marco Ceccarelli15 & 26 January12 Februaryteamswritten&oral
1IPower Electronics and Electrical Drives9Stefano Bifaretti21/01/202118/02/2021teamsMultiple choice test based on 15 questions provided on Teams platform. Students who score at least 7/15 will be admitted to the interview in the same day of the exam.
1IIAnalogue Electronics 9Rocco Giofré (ES)written 22/01/2021 10:00 am, oral to be definedwritten 12/02/2021 10:00 am, oral to be definedwritten: Moodle through MS Teams, oral: MS TeamsA student is admitted to the oral exam if s/he gets 18 or more in the written test. The oral exam is mandatory in this session.
1IIInternal Combustion Engines9Stefano Cordiner e Bartolucci Lorenzo (MECCA)Written and Oral 22/01/2021 h:9.30Written and Oral 25/02/2021 h:9:30written: Moodle through MS Teams, oral: MS Teams
1IIVLSI Circuit and System Design9Marco Re (ES)
1IIFeedback control systems 9Cristiano Maria Verrelli (ES)Written test 28/01/2021 10:00Written test 18/02/2021 10:00
1IINanotechnology 6AGRESTI Antonio (3CFU) / Fabio Matteocci (3CFU)
1IIThermodynamics and Heat transfer9Paolo Coppa (ES)
2IElectronics of IoT and embedded systems: Modulo: Electronics of IoT and Embedded Systems3+3Giancarlo Orengo (3CFU)/ Patrick Longhi (3CFU)
2IElectronics of IoT and embedded systems: Modulo: Design of embedded systems for Mechatronics 6Gian Carlo Cardarilli27 January17 February
2IControl of Mechanical Systems9Riccardo Marino
2IIntegrated Sensors9Corrado Di Natale
2IIControl of Electrical Machines6Cristiano Maria Verrelli
2IIMeasurement Systems for Mechatronics6Arianna Mencattini Sciunzi26/01/202123/02/2021TeamsOral exam and project presentation on Teams platform
2IIMechanics of Materials and Structures9Andrea Micheletti (6CFU)/ Edoardo Artioli (3CFU)