A.Y. 2023-24 – Digital Signal Processing – 1st Year II semester (6 cfu)

Students attending Digital Signal Processing (DSP) classes (6 CFU for Mechatronics Engineering) are kindly invited to enroll on Delphi for virtual classroom registration. Please inform the teaching secretariat if you have any problems. Please inform the didactic secretariat of any issues.

Digital Signal Processing (block C-opt)

Deep Learnig and applications (block C-opt)

2 YEAR II semester  6 CFU

Eugenio Martinelli
A.Y. 2024-25

Description: The course, starting from the principles of deep learning, will bring the students to study, analyze, and use all the main DL algorithms in different application scenarios. During the course, theory lessons will also be coupled with practical sessions where the algorithm will be applied to real data.