Graduation Sessions

NEXT —> February 20, 2024 (A.Y. 2022-23)

There are 4 sessions to graduate. The 1st Session of the Academic Year is in July, and the last is in April.

Before graduation, a date is set for a technical test (bring your laptop and thesis on a pen drive); during that, a technician will check the format of your presentation on the big screen to optimize it. You can contact Mr Marco Di Genova for more information.

EXTRAORDINARY SESSION (it will be set only for extraordinary reasons)


 Technical test:


February 20, 2024 (A.Y. 2022-23) (precautionary)

room Convegni,


Technical test:

May 10, 2024 (A.Y. 2022-23) (precautionary)

room Convegni


Technical test: 

July 23, 2024 –  (NEW A.Y. 2023-24)

room Convengni


Technical test: 

October 17, 2024 (A.Y. 2023-24)

room Convegni


Technical test:


  • Graduation  Calendar 2023

    29-02-2024 room CONVEGNI

    10-05-2024 room CONVEGNI 

    23-07-2024 room CONVEGNI

    17-10-2024 room CONVEGNI 

CAUTIONARY REQUEST: In the last year of their career, after the 2nd year, students can register in a “precautionary way”, following the normal procedure on Delphi by the 31st of December.

In this way, the student will not pay the fees if his/her graduation will take place by the last session of April of the last Academic Year of enrollment.

All the winter session exams (February) will be recorded in the examination report of the previous Academi year.

In case, in the February session, the student doesn’t complete the exams, or the supervisor believes that the student cannot graduate, the student will have to enrol in the new academic year, but without paying the additional fee.Salva