How to change your study plan

Request to change a previously approved study plan

  • When: at the beginning of the semester;
  • Download the following form below and fill it out.
  • You need a copy of your last study plan approved (signed officially) that you can find in the Didactic Office or in the Student Secretariat of Macroarea Engineering; it is necessary to fill in the date of the last study plan approved (see the stamp)
  • Send it by email to, with this object line: CHANGE STUDY PLAN – MECHATRONICS


MOD-change PDS2022-23 MECHA-SURNAME-Name-matricola

MOD-change PDS2023-24 MECHA-SURNAME-Name-ID

Note: MOD-changePDS202x-2x MECHA-SURNAME-name-IDstudent (personalize and replace the A.Y. with your 1st-year enrollment)

Required to take second-year exams in advance

  • Time to present the request: at the beginning of the 1st or 2nd semester and not in the 1st year.
  • How many times: just one time per year
  • download the form below;
  • Fill in the form specifying a good motivation, and insert subjects to remove and to add.
  • Send it by email to, with this object line: CHANGE STUDY PLAN – MECHATRONICS.

The coordinator will evaluate your request, and the Didactic Office will give you an answer soon.

download: ADV-exam-PDS2023-24-Mechatronics-SURNAME-Name-matricola.pdf