Graduated Students and Thesis


EL ARAYSHI Mohamed salah kamal Italian 12/06/2020 Web-shared HRV-analysis for remote rehabilitation programs Cristiano Maria VERRELLI
PADOVAN Giulia Italian 23/07/2020 Mechanical characterization of Aluminum Fam and of honeycomb Maria Elisa TATA
DI FEDERICO Gaia Italian 24/02/2021 Totee: An IoT Device For Monitoring The Animal’s Health Gian Carlo Cardarilli
GANDLA Shabari Shireesha Indian 24/02/2021 Design and performance evaluation of a new finger mechanism exoskeleton Marco Ceccarelli
LAMANNA Angelica Italian 24/02/2021 Characterization and analysis of cellular motility in lab-on-a-chip devices Arianna Mencattini – Eugenio Martinelli
LAMANNA Benedetta Italian 24/02/2021 Study of morphodynamical behaviour of cell culture in presence of chemical dynamical stimuli Arianna Mencattini – Eugenio Martinelli
MASOCCO LEONOVA Kateryna Sergiyivna Ukrainian 24/02/2021 Properties, fabrication and characterization of open-cell aluminum foams. Laboratory testing and experimental study Maria Elisa TATA
DEVABHAKTHUNI Phaneendra Sai Sri Indian 21/07/2021 Fabrication and optimization of low-temperature perovskite solar cells by scalable deposition techniques Antonio Agresti
FATEMI Omid Iranian 21/07/2021 Agent-based model of cell trajectory using neural network Arianna Mencattini – Eugenio Martinelli
SADEGHI KANI Narges Iranian 21/07/2021 State of charge estimation methods of lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles Riccardo Marino
DAMARLA Adithya Prakash Indian 15/12/2021 Design and testing of a robot gripper Marco Ceccarelli
PISCHIUTTA Filippo Italian 15/12/2021 Slip Vector Control for Autonomous Electic Vehicle with 4 In-Wheel motors:
Experimental Results
Riccardo Marino
SALUSEST Irene Italian 15/12/2021 Analysis and Testing of Joint Clearance in Valencia PK Platform Marco Ceccarelli