Admission with reserve for all candidates accepted

Dear applicant,

no additional letter will be provided.

All admissions of students holding a foreign title are considered with reserve until the full required documentation is provided during the in-presence enrollment.

The full required documentation has to be uploaded on Delphi at the moment of online enrollment (15th July – 30th November 2022).

Afterward, the same documentation uploaded has to be submitted in original to the International Students Office in order to finalize the in-presence enrollment (within November 2022).

For what concerns the pre-enrollment on Universitaly, it has to be submitted as soon as possible and mandatorily within one month before the beginning of classes.

Note that some programmes might request admitted students to fill out a pre-enrollment application in order to save a seat in the programme.

Specific information about pre-enrollment procedures are reported on the public call of the programme.

Find the public call on the webpage of the specific programme.

Please check carefully the requirements and procedures to be carried out: