Documentation Required

Deliver to the “Segreteria Studenti” (Didactic building):

  1. Application for admission to degree examination (the title of the work can be temporary but once you have the final title you can print it again on the Delphi website);
  2. University student record book (libretto Universitario) with all your exams;
  3. Graduation Thesis / Final assignment declaration (as soon as the teacher confirms the final qualification);
  4. Training Certificate/Educational Activities/Internship
  5. A copy of the Invoice payment validation (16,00€) given by the Bank;
  6. Authenticity statement of Thesis;
  7. Cover CD

Deliver to the “Management Office” (Segreteria Didattica Office building Electronic Dept. – room BT01 – Simona Ranieri):

  1. Statement of Assignment of Thesis/Final Work signed by the Supervisor;
  2. Training Certificate/Educational Activities/Internship