Procedure and Documentation to graduate

The thesis is worth 12 credit points according to the program structure of the Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering, corresponding to the “Final exam“.

  1. Submit your request for “Thesis assignment“, signed by your supervisor, to (almost 3-4 months before the Degree date).
    FORM1: Thesis assignment: 2023 MECHA_Thesis Assign_SURNAME-Name-ID (rename it)

  2. Apply for “Admission to the Degree Examination” by DELPHI (60 to 30 days before the Graduation Session) – access to your Personal Page, or select from the first page Point 4 “Manage Career On-line” —> option 1 “Access to Student Section (Area Studenti)”.

In case of withdrawal from the graduation session, the student must:

  • Advise the Didactic Office and the Student Office by email;
  • Cancel the Application for Admission by, and call the Student Office;
  • You must complete a new Application for Admission to the next Degree Examination session and retake it at the Student Office. You have to pay for the new request.