To complete my enrolment in CIMEA (https://cimea.diplo-me.eu/torvergata/#/auth/login), is it enough to confirm the bachelor’s degree and its transcripts?

    • The Bachelor’s degree should be enough, yet you may want to address your queries directly to UNIVERSITALY at the contacts reported on the website.

SoC – Statement of Comparability

I have been admitted. Can I provide the SoC, Statement of Comparability issue by CIMEA during enrollment?

    • CIMEA SoC is mandatory for pre-enrollment purposes.
    • The pre-enrollment at UNIVERSITALY will not be approved until the passport, admission letter, and SoC are uploaded.
    • All pre-enrollment applications on Universitaly will be processed on the base of the date of submission (or the date of editing) and according to the timelines and commitments of this office.If the pre-enrollment has not been filled in correctly or if any other document is required, it will be notified, and you will be able to edit your pre-enrollment application.


  • The pre-enrollment must be submitted with complete required documentation by 31st July 2023; otherwise, it will not be approved by the University.
  • What is the pre-enrollment
    • It’s the first step for your enrollment (it is not mandatory);
    • with the pre-enrollment, your place is guaranteed.
  • What do I have to upload in DELPHI for the pre-enrollment? (Documents have to be uploaded to the university too)
    • high school diploma, translated into Italian, legalized by the authorities of the issuing country title;
    • Degree (Bachelor Sc. Or equivalent), translated into Italian by an official translator, legalized by the competent authorities of the country issuing the degree;
    • Declaration of equivalent Value (DoV) issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where the qualification was obtained or certificate of validity issued by ENIC-NARIC centres or by the representative’s diplomats in Italy (only for those who already have one);
    • Passport; photo; CIMEA Statement of Comparability and admission letter of admission to the master’s degree received by the University of Rome Tor Vergata. (High school diplomas, undergraduate or post-secondary certificates, and bachelor’s degrees are also accepted in English).

Online enrollment on Delphi can be processed without VISA?

      • Yes.
      • DoV or CIMEA Statement of Comparability is part of mandatory documentation.
  • My fiscal code has changed recently because of my new passport, so I cannot enrol online in the Delphi university system.
    • To carry out enrollment procedures, you must provide the new official fiscal code issued by the Embassy (or by the Agenzia Delle Entrate, once in Italy).
    • Hence, at the moment, you cannot proceed with online enrollment.
    • Indeed, the problem regarding your fiscal code can be solved only in your presence when you come to the international student’s office and submit documents in original.
    • Once obtain the new fiscal code, you can come for in-presence enrollment procedures.
  • I already did my PRE-ENROLLMENT for this course. Is there any possibility that I might enrol myself after reaching Italy, or can I enrol online through my portal?
    • You can proceed with the first two steps of the enrolment on your own.
      Please follow the steps described in the video tutorial: https://en.uniroma2.it/news/video-enrollment-for-international-students-with-a-foreign-title/
    • Also, remember that you must apply for the fiscal code and stay permit within the first 8 working days from your arrival in Rome.
      If you need support, please get in touch with us or come to the Welcome Office at Via Cracovia 50.
    • The pre-enrollment application to Universitaly is mandatory exclusively for non-EU applicants not residing in Italy (including those holding a residence permit for other EU countries); https://www.universitaly.it/index.php/ – If the Italian embassies are not operative on the territory, you can refer to other Italian embassies in third territories to carry out Visa procedures.
    • The only mandatory documents to be uploaded for pre-enrollment at Universitaly are the passport and admission letter.
  • To print out the admission letter, you need to access Delphi with your fiscal code and CTRL (reported in the file attached herewith) https://delphi.uniroma2.it/totem/jsp/homeStudenti.jsp?language=EN
  • Admission with reserve for all the accepted candidates