• To complete my enrolment in CIMEA (https://cimea.diplo-me.eu/torvergata/#/auth/login), is it enough to confirm the bachelor’s degree and its transcripts?
    • the Bachelor’s degree should be enough, yet you may want to address your queries directly to UNIVERSITALY at the contacts reported on the website.
  • What is the pre-enrollment
    • It’s the first step for your enrollment (it is not mandatory);
    • with the pre-enrollment, your place is guaranteed.
  • What do I have to upload in DELPHI for the pre-enrollment? (Documents have to be uploaded to university too)
    • high school diploma, translated into Italian, legalized by the authorities of the issuing country title;
    • Degree (Bachelor Sc. Or equivalent), translated into Italian by an official translator, legalized by the competent authorities of the country issuing the degree;
    • Declaration of equivalent Value (DoV) issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where the qualification was obtained or certificate of validity issued by ENIC-NARIC centers or by the representative’s diplomats in Italy (only for those who already have one);
    • Identity document; letter of admission to the master’s degree received by the University of Rome Tor Vergata. (High school diplomas, undergraduate or post-secondary certificates, and bachelor’s degrees are also accepted in English).
  • Online enrollment on Delphi can be processed without VISA?
    • Yes.
    • DoV or CIMEA Statement of Comparability is part of mandatory documentation.
  • My fiscal code has changed because of my new passport recently, so I cannot enroll online in the Delphi university system.
    • to carry out enrollment procedures, you must provide the new official fiscal code issued by the Embassy (or by the Agenzia Delle Entrate, once in Italy).
    • Hence, at the moment, you cannot proceed with online enrollment.
    • Indeed, the problem regarding your fiscal code can be solved only in your presence when you come to the international student’s office and submit documents in original.
    • Once obtain the new fiscal code, you can come for in-presence enrollment procedures.
  • I already did my PRE-ENROLLMENT for this course. Is there any possibility that I might enroll myself after reaching Italy, or can I enroll online through my portal?
    • You can proceed with the first two steps of the enrolment on your own.
      Please follow the steps described in the video tutorial: https://en.uniroma2.it/news/video-enrollment-for-international-students-with-a-foreign-title/
    • Also, remember that you must apply for the fiscal code and stay permit within the first 8 working days from your arrival in Rome.
      If you need support with this, please get in touch with us or come to the Welcome Office at Via Cracovia 50.
    • The pre-enrollment application to Universitaly is mandatory exclusively for non-EU applicants not residing in Italy; https://www.universitaly.it/index.php/ – If the Italian embassies are not operative on the territory, you can refer to other Italian embassies in third territories in order to carry out Visa procedures.
    • The only mandatory documents to be uploaded for pre-enrollment at Universitaly are the passport and admission letter.