• To complete my enrolment, in the CIMEA (https://cimea.diplo-me.eu/torvergata/#/auth/login), Is it enough to confirm the bachelor’s degree and its transcripts?
    • the Bachelor’s should be enough, yet you may want to address your queries directly to UNIVERSITALY at the contacts reported on the website.
  • What is the pre-enrollment, and
    • With the pre-enrollment, your place is guaranteed.
  • What do I have to upload in Delphi for the pre-enrollment? (Documents to be uploaded to Universitaly For pre-enrolment:
    • high school diploma, translated into Italian, legalized by the authorities of the issuing country title;
    • Degree (Bachelor Sc. Or equivalent), translated into Italian by an official translator, legalized by the competent authorities of the country issuing the degree;
    • Declaration of equivalent Value issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where the qualification was obtained or certificate of validity issued by ENIC-NARIC centers or by the representative’s diplomats in Italy (only for those who already have one);
    • identity document; letter of admission to the master’s degree received by our University.(High school diplomas, undergraduate or post-secondary certificates, and bachelor’s degrees are also accepted in English language).

      (deadline 14/07/2022).