Internships and Formative Activities


The Programme for the Master of Science in “Mechatronics Engineering” includes 6 credits for Internships and Formative Activities.

A curricular internship helps students grow during their university careers.
Students can carry out curricular internships to acquire University Credits (CFU) provided by the study plan, which must be completed before the student obtain his degree.
Curricular internships are carried out in the University’s internal or external structure. There may be a reimbursement of expenses.


Internships are activated with an Internship Agreement between the University and the Company/Institution. The agreements are implemented by completing and signing a specific form of contract drawn up according to the Ministerial Decree of 25 March 1998, n. 142.

This agreement must be formalized with the University before the internship begins.

If you want to activate a training and orientation internship, please contact us:


  1. The University (promoter for the activation of the internship)
  2. The intern or trainee (student)
  3. The host (The company)
  4. University Tutor
  5. Company Tutor

SUBJECTS (for INTERNAL INTERNSHIPS at the University of Rome Tor Vergata)

  1. The Department (promoter for the activation of the internship)
  2. The intern or trainee (student)
  3. University Tutor

The company and the promoting institution are both required to appoint a tutor. The tutor indicated by the promoter supervises the proper conduct of the internship in the company.
The company tutor has a training function, supporting the trainee in his learning path.


The Student can apply for an internship only when some exams are missing; therefore, it is possible to apply for it almost at the end of his studies.

The university tutor has the task of following the student during his internship, which lasts a maximum of six months. At the end of the training, the student draws up a report in which he indicates the work done and the skills acquired. The report is delivered to the tutor.

The internship contract is a document formulated in two parts: The agreement and the Training Project.


  1. Internship Agreement (between the Department of Engineering Electronics, as part of the course in Mechatronics Engineering, and the company);
  2. Training Project (project name of the intern, signed by the Course Coordinator, the legal representative of the company, and the intern) – PROGETTO FORMATIVO Aziende-Enti (ITA) – Training Project (ENG)
  3. FOR INTERNAL INTERNSHIP carried out at the UNIVERSITY OF TOR VERGATA only the Internal Formative Project must be submitted – Progetto Formativo Interno.


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