Call for international mobility for study or research – OVERSEAS deadline 27/01/2023

The University of Rome “Tor Vergata” offers the possibility to its students, regularly enrolled within the standard duration of the course of study increased by a year, to spend part of their course of study at a non-European university with which they have signed a collaboration agreement for a period of study lasting one semester, to follow the courses and take the exams.

Link to apply online:

Deadline 27 January 2023

Hereafter (see the images below and the file excel), a set of “equivalent” courses is proposed explicitly in the particular case of the following USA Universities: USA_overseas_Mechatronics.xlsx (all)

Mississippi State University


West Virginia University (

University of Nevada, Reno (

Bando Overseas 2023-2024 pdf

Allegato A – Destinazioni Overseas pdf

Overseas Call a.y. 23-24 pdf

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