• Start uploading your documents to the Delphi system for enrollment.

Use the application portal:

  • Upload your bachelor’s diploma with the transcript of your passed exams so a high school diploma is not required.
  • Upload also the statement of comparability issued by CIMEA once you got it, no verification is  required:

questa parte è presa da Engineering Sciences, ma forse non serve

STEP 1 – Pre-enrolment via Universitaly:

The pre-enrollment application on Universitaly is mandatory exclusively for non-EU applicants not residing in Italy.

DEADLINE: by Mid-August 2022 at the latest.

STEP 2 – Enrolment to the University via Delphi – opens on 15/07/2022

DEADLINE:  from 15/07/2022 to 30/11/2022.

  • To proceed with the enrolment, please click this link
  • The full list of all mandatory documents can be found at this link

For any questions and problems regarding your pre-enrolment via UNIVERSITALY and enrolment procedure to the University via DELPHI please contact: