• As on the website, it says that the course focuses on three majors Electronics, Mechanical, and Automation, but the description emphasizes more on the Electronic department. So, if the course equally carried out on all the three majors?
    • All three major fields are covered. For a student with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, we increment the skill on electronics and automatic control.


  • Is there a subject on Software?
    • We don’t have specific courses in software (only in the VLSI system course, we present the C and C++ Languages for microcontrollers) but students are required to code software in practical activities. Also, Matlab and Simulink languages are used in our courses.


  • Does the Course have a more practical or theoretical approach to learning?
    • Due to the specific characteristics of the Italian teaching system, practical and theoretical teaching is equally distributed. The use of laboratories and practical activities are greatly encouraged in our Master’s.