Padel announcement

Dear students of Mechatronics Engineering,

in order to grow our students’ community through the sense of belonging while sharing sport-emotional connections, I’d like to allow you to enroll in structured Padel lessons directed by professional experts on Padel Education.

Lessons are going to be open to all levels of preparation. The quarterly courses can be accessed in Spring 2023. Group lessons will be held at the New Country Club Frascati, located in Via dell’Acqua Acetosa, 2 – 00044 Frascati RM (easily accessible by COTRAL bus from Anagnina), a very quiet sports club, surrounded by greenery and including Lounge and bar/restaurant.

If you might be interested in being ready to feel confident on the court, having fun and playing your best-ever Padel game, please show your interest by writing to soon.


Special prices are reserved for all Mechatronics Engineering students.

Done in collaboration with CUS Tor Vergata

Choose two days of the week and one slot/day among the options:







4 students/court and three available courts/slots with one professional expert on Padel Education being present.

Cost (for each student): 50 € (entire spring trimester) + 10 € (insurance)

Even students from other Engineering Courses are welcome.