Fundamentals of Mechanisms of Systems (block A) (since 2022-23)

1 semester 6 CFU
Marco Ceccarelli A.Y. 2021-22

A.Y. 2022-23

Code: 803000062
(by Engineering Sciences)


LEARNING OUTCOMES: The course aims to teach students the knowledge and tools that are needed to address the issues that are related to the identification, modeling, analysis, and design of multi-body planar systems in English language and terminology

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: modeling and procedures to recognize the structure and characteristics of mechanisms and machines

APPLYING KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: acquisition of analysis procedures for the understanding of kinematic and dynamic characteristics of mechanisms and machines

MAKING JUDGEMENTS: possibility of judging the functionality of mechanisms and machines with their own qualitative and quantitative assessments

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: learning technical terminology and procedures for presenting the performance of mechanisms

LEARNING SKILLS: learning technical terminology and procedures for the presentation of the performance of mechanisms

PREREQUISITES: knowledge of basic mechanics of rigid bodies and computation skills


Structure and classification of planar mechanical systems, kinematic modeling, mobility analysis, graphical approaches of kinematics analysis, kinematic analysis with computer-oriented algorithms; dynamics and statics modeling, graphical approaches of dynamics analysis, dynamic analysis with computer-oriented algorithms, performance evaluation; elements of mechanical transmissions.


Lopez-Cajùn C., Ceccarelli M., Mecanismos, Trillas, Città del Messico
Shigley J.E., Pennock G.R., Uicker J.J., “Theory of Machines and Mechanisms”, McGraw-Hill, New York
Handnotes and papers by the teachers