Adaptive Systems (block C-opt) –> Identification and Neural Networks (24-25)

2 YEAR II semester  6 CFU
Patrizio Tomei (4cfu)
Eugenio Martinelli (2cfu)
A.Y. 2023-24
SANTOSUOSSO Giovanni Luca A.Y. 2024-25 (new name “Identification and Neural Networks”
Code: 80300088

Pre-requirement: The basics of systems theory and control are required.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: The course aims to provide the basic techniques for the design of predictors, filters, and adaptive controllers.

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: Students must obtain a detailed understanding of design techniques with the help of MATLAB-SIMULINK to solve industrial problems of adaptive filtering, adaptive prediction, and adaptive control.

APPLYING KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: Students must be able to apply the project techniques learned in the course even in different industrial situations than those examined in the various phases of the course.

MAKING JUDGEMENTS: Students must be able to apply the appropriate design technique to the specific cases examined, choosing the most effective algorithms.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Students must be able to communicate using the terminology used for filtering, prediction, and adaptive control. They must also be able to provide logical and progressive exposures starting from the basics, from structural properties, from modeling to the design of algorithms, without requiring particular prerequisites. Students are believed to be able to understand the main results of a technical publication on the course topics. Guided individual projects (which include the use of Matlab-Simulink) require assiduous participation and exchange of ideas.

LEARNING SKILLS: Students must be able to identify the appropriate techniques and algorithms in real cases that arise in industrial applications. Furthermore, it is believed that students have the ability to modify the algorithms learned during the course in order to adapt them to particular situations under consideration.


Adaptive Filtering Prediction and Control, Graham C. Goodwin, Kwai Sang Sin, Dover Publications, 2009.